Thursday, May 19, 2011

Efficient LED Lighting for CHEAP

This is a really easy hack. You can convert your house lighting over to LED and save a ton of money on electricity.
  1. Purchase a string of Super Bright White LED Christmas Lights. Leave lights in rolled bundle. After christmas sales are a great time to save money on these.
  2. Purchase a lamp socket to AC two prong adapter. (Looks like below. At most hardware stores for around $2.50.)
  3. Remove old light bulb from light fixture.
  4. Screw in Lamp Socket to AC two prong adapter.
  5. Plug in Christmas lights into the Lamp Socket to AC two prong adapter.
  6. Use electrical tape to secure light string to fixture.
  7. Replace lamp shade or fixture dome.
And there you have it! Your light fixture is now super efficient! If you time your purchases right you can implement this solution for under $10 bucks per fixture. The low energy drain from these lights would make a great fit for Solar Photovoltaic applications.


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  2. Yes but it's almost as easy and infinitely cheaper to buy LED strip lighting. You get 5 meters for about 12 bucks on ebay and the whole strip only uses 24 watts. You can cut it up into pieces depending on how much light you need, connect a snap on connector, hook it to an extension cord and plug in. Pretty simple and cheap even for the mechanically inept and a fantastic solution if you're off grid.