Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shipping Containers as Homes

I have been doing a lot of reading about shipping containers being used as building blocks for houses.  Wow!  What an awesome idea!  These things are made of steel, Weatherproof - made to withstand storms at sea, and made to stack 9 units or more high.

Ever since I read about this I have been wanting to build one.  The thought of escaping the mortgage game is very appealing to me these days.  I guess I have reached the age where I'd rather spend my time living than working.  I am guessing that a very rugged and sizable structure could be build for cheap by using these containers as the building block.

One thing is certain, housing will become more and more of an issue as the population rises and the economy changes.  People will always need a place to live.  Shipping Containers could be one way to build a home that is yours without spending the rest of your life in debt.

I will post links of interest that I find in my reading about Shipping Container Homes here...

Like and Time of A Renaissance Ronin  - This site has a ton of info.

ContainerBay  - This page has links to a bunch of container projects across the globe.

Want to Live in a ISBU Shipping Container - A great article with useful links and resources.

More to come...