Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's New?

Sorry for the delay in posting...  I have been a busy boy lately.  I recently changed employers and have found a new lease on life.  :)  It is so nice to have a change of scenery.

So whats new around my place?  Well, we are still maintaining the ~50% cut on the electric bill.  We are getting ready for winter.  The rocket stove got moved outside because the room it was in was repurposed... I think it is going to become a patio heater!!

Hurricane Irene blew through and made a real mess, but one man's mess is another man's treasure.  Firewood is abundantly laying on the ground everywhere.  I will be buzzing up a few cords of wood for storage very soon.  I will post pictures of my stove install once it is done.  I can't wait to feel that wood heat in my house.

Also, I have been looking into the possibilities of building a low tech cottage like the one over at "Year of Mud".  The concept of building a dwelling from natural materials really interests me.  I feel that we as a nation have been sold a bill of goods of consumerism.  Just think about it...  Building a home for next to nothing?  That is just awesome.  Check it out...  This site literally set my mind on fire with ideas!

I will post more "stuffs" here soon...  Stay tuned!!