Monday, June 6, 2011

Zombie Economics - A Guide to Personal Finance

beware zombies!
Books about personal finance are usually boring and monotone. Zombie Economics - A Guide to Personal Finance, by Lisa Desjardins and Rick Emerson takes a new approach. It spoon feeds you information in ways that you can easily relate to. It is easier to think of bills and burdens in terms of ghouls and zombies. This book helps you to visualize slaying your debt, and fighting off hordes of bills. Zombie Economics is an in-depth yet easy to understand compendium of proven methods to gain financial freedom!

Zombie Economics will teach you to be your own hero. This book provides great advice for virtually every form of financial hardship... It covers getting to know your financial self, hardships such as unemployment, debt relief, savings, and shows you in simple terms how to get your life in order. Zombie Economics also tells us how to protect ourselves from future threats so that zombies will never find their way into our lives again!

Everyone faces some form of financial difficulty in day to day life. There are many people who walk through lives each day as zombies without even knowing it... Are you infected? Are you one of the many who has no control over their own money? Are you able to pay your bills? Do you have a savings plan? Do you buy things you don't need or want? Do you fall victim to deceptive product sales? Do you have zombie moochers in your life? Do you sacrifice your own financial well being for others with parasitic intentions? Do you find yourself saying YES to people when you'd rather be saying NO?

You need to know the signs of infection. You need to protect yourself and your loved ones. Zombie Economics will help you become stronger and give you the weapons you need to fight off the hordes of financial challenges in your life. Prevent further infection... Get Zombie Economics - A Guide to Personal Finance and prepare yourself for the fight of your life!