Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY 55 Gallon Drum Incinerator

I got tired of paying for trash pickup. In these times hard times in which we live one has to come up with ways to reduce expenses in order to survive. I had an old 55 gallon drum that was just collecting dust. I decided to make an incinerator that I could burn my paper & cardboard in. I know... I know... Its probably not the greenest solution in the world, but hey... its saving me 30 bucks a month in trash removal. :)

We actually recycle our plastics. The nasty food stuff goes into a compost pile. The rest gets burned. Saves $360 a year. Works for me. So far everything that I have fed into this burner has burned completely and has been reduced to ashes. For my next trick I might try to harness the heat from something like this for home heating in the winter months. Imagine heating your house with trash. :)

Parts used:
1 55 Gallon Drum
1 Toggle bolt (for door handle)
2 Galvanized Hinges
1 4" x 5' Galvanized duct pipe
1 4" Duct Rain Cap

Tools used:
Dewalt Hand Grinder
120 VAC Arc Welder (This thing is worth its weight in gold!)
Drill with 1-1/2" Hole Saw attachment (For holes in bottom of barrel for air.)

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